Do we need reservations?
You do not need reservations for groups smaller than 10 people. If you are planning a larger group, or if you are planning to bring your group on Saturday or Sunday, we would love to know and will plan for additional staff. If you are ever unsure, just give us a call and we will do our very best to accommodate you.
Do you offer a tour?
We love sharing our winemaking process and will gladly show you into the winemaking room. You are also welcome to walk around the beautiful property and up to the vineyard.
Do you have food available?
We do not serve food at the winery, but you are welcomed to bring along snacks to enjoy with your tasting.
Do you offer private group tastings?
We do! Just give us a call and let us know what you are interested in and we will provide a quote for you.
Can I bring children?
You must be 18 to entire the Woodbury tasting room, but the Warm Spring location is kid friendly and we try to have juice and cookies for them to enjoy during your tasting.
Can I bring my dog?
Sure! The Department of Agriculture prohibits animals from entering the winery, but we have a beautiful area to walk them around while sipping a glass of wine.
Are you moving the winery?
We are opening a second location of the winery in the spring of 2020 at The Shed at Fitzgerald Fruit Farms, our farm market. It is located at 3355 Imlac Road, Woodbury, Georgia. It has a beautiful bar that seats 20 and a covered porch and patio overlooking the peach and pecan orchards. We will remain in the current location at least through June of 2020, and we are looking for another beautiful place in Warm Springs to relocate when our lease concludes.